I specialise in working with Young People.  

I have a degree in Working with Young People and Young Peoples Services.  

I have worked supporting disaffected Youth since my mid 20’s in various social work capacities and am experienced with complex cases.  

I currently work as a Family Support Mediator for the YMCA in Brighton.  

I am also currently undertaking a 3 year post grad diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and am seeing Young People privately in a coaching capacity. 


I have a passion for working with Young People and their families and have a broad range of experience in working with Young Peoples emotional, social, behavioural and learning needs. 



I offer:


Family Mediation


Mediation helps resolve conflicts and maintain family relationships.


I work with individual family members with the aim of improving relationships.  Be it the same argument that comes up every time something is discussed or the feeling that you can’t live under one roof any more.  I work to rebuild relationships that have deteriorated or to support them from deteriorating further. 


I work individually to begin with, often for several sessions and then work towards joint mediation sessions. 


We agree step by step how we all want to move forward. For example, I might work with the father and daughter individually for some sessions and then conduct joint sessions, and then move to the siblings and do individual and then joint session with them, or both parents.  We work it out together as we go along.   The configuration tends to unfold to find the most appropriate way for all.


Cost – Sliding scale, £75-40 per hour, depending on income and circumstance. 



Coaching/ Counselling


I work with young people of all ages and backgrounds and seek to provide a safe, accepting and growth-promoting counselling environment.

I draw from a range of therapeutic approaches to assist young people to work through difficulties.

My aim is to support Young People with the myriad transitions and challenges they have in their adolescent lives, to help them know themselves better and to be a supportive and understanding adult who is separate from their other units – usually family and school. 

I have a warm, light hearted, understanding approach and engage young people well.


Cost – Sliding scale, £75-40 per hour, depending on income and circumstance.