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An iRest dyad is a personal one-on-one meditation session in which the student is completely supported by the teacher in delving deeper into self-inquiry. A dyad session is more verbal and less guided as the practitioner explores the sensations, images, thoughts and emotions that are arising for them in the practice.


We simultaneously connect with our own inner “source” and the greater “Source” that links all of us. Rather than coming from a place of brokenness or a need to fix something, we start from the place in ourselves that is already whole, allowing the possibility to discover profound insights.


In the dyad format, two people sit and face each other, being in presence with each other, focusing on a single question or point of contemplation.


It’s a co-meditative experience in which the student is supported in welcoming and inquiring into layers of being.  It's an opportunity to meet what is arising in the present moment from a place of complete wholeness.  A dyad can be useful to be supported to work more personally with the 10 step iRest protocol and to work with anxiety, depression, pain, to tap into a deeper source of creativity in one’s work, or to investigate self-limiting beliefs and emotions. Welcoming old conditioned patterns, or some new surprise arriving in the moment, allows us to welcome our true knowing and discover profound insights regarding what action we may take in our lives.


These sessions can be face to face in Brighton and Lewes or on Zoom. The cost is between £40-75 depending on means. They last for 60 mins. 


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